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Australian Barley Growers Are About To Become More Productive.

CoAXium® Barley Production System combines a herbicide-tolerance trait, elite varieties, a new branded herbicide and a comprehensive industry stewardship package.

Aggressor® AX is the new herbicide brand that is linked to the patented trait and controls grass weeds in the CoAXium® Barley Production System.

CoAXium® Barley Production System

  • A new non-GMO herbicide tolerance technology for barley.
  • The first CoAXium® barley variety with this trait will be released in 2022 and seed available to growers from AGT Affiliates for planting in 2023.
  • Aggressor® AX herbicide provides excellent crop safety with broad spectrum grass weed control including ALS (Group 2) resistant biotypes.
  • Barley growers and the entire industry play a key role in the education, stewardship and long-term success of the CoAXium® Barley Production System.
  • Aggressor® AX herbicides will be registered with the APVMA in early 2023.
  • The CoAXium® Barley Production System is the only system today that has no soil residue carryover, providing growers with greater crop rotation flexibility.

Follow These Steps to a Much More Productive Barley Crop.

  • 1. Plant AGT CoAXium® varieties. Select the CoAXium® barley variety that has the best agronomic fit for your production system.
  • 2. Combine Aggressor® AX herbicide only with approved tank-mix partners. Aggressor® AX herbicide provides no broadleaf weed control and very minimal residual control. Aggressor® AX can be tank-mixed, however, with certain broadleaf herbicides, but should not be tank-mixed with the amine formulations of 2,4-D or MCPA or grass weed control will be severely reduced.
  • 3. Eliminate intercrop competition by spraying Aggressor® AX herbicide at the right time based on the specific weed at exact rates by crop growth stage. This is where you can maximise your ROI.
  • 4. Application coverage is critical. Aggressor® AX herbicide is a systemic Group 1 contact herbicide. It kills what it hits.
  • 5. Stewardship: The key to long-term performance. Stewardship is critical to prolong the utility, features and benefits of CoAXium® and Aggressor® AX herbicide. Refer to the CoAXium® Barley Production System Grower Stewardship guide with any questions or concerns. The Stewardship Guide will help answer questions on compatible herbicides, volunteer CoAxium® barley control in the following seasons crop, crop rotations and much more.

CoAXium® barley was developed by Australian researchers for Australian farmers. It provides a novel but very simple way to control problem grass weeds.

Cleaner Crops. Higher Yields.

image of 3 researchers
Buckleboo farmer Shannan Larwood (left) with University of Adelaide researchers Ben Fleet (centre) and Gurjeet Gill (right)

In 2010, Buckleboo (SA) farmer Shannan Larwood (co-inventor of the eventual technology) had some serious difficulties in killing volunteer barley plants in a crop of field peas after using a GROUP 1 herbicide that should have knocked them out. Shannan had the foresight to hand harvest the barley plants that matured with the pea crop and handed the seed over to herbicide resistance researchers Ben Fleet and Gurjeet Gill from the University of Adelaide. The researchers set up trials to investigate and discovered the presence of very high levels of tolerance to several GROUP 1 herbicides (ACCase-inhibiting herbicides). Further field trials confirmed strong expression of herbicide tolerance in this barley line, and sequencing of the ACCase gene showed presence of a mutation that has been shown to confer high levels of resistance to ACCase-inhibiting herbicides in other species. The discovery was the subject of a successfully granted patent in 2018.

Following this, AGT began working in partnership with the University of Adelaide to further characterise and commercialise the technology in elite barley varieties, culminating in the arrival of the CoAXium® Barley Production System.