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Three Accomplished Companies.
One Superior Barley Production System.

The CoAXium® Barley Production System, driven by Aggressor® herbicide, is a joint release by Australian Grain Technologies, Albaugh and Sipcam.

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Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is the breeder behind the CoAXium® Barley Production System in Australia. AGT is Australia’s leading provider of wheat varieties whilst also offering elite varieties of barley, durum, lupins and canola.

AGT considers it a privilege to be able to serve Australian farmers and the world’s population by developing new field crop varieties that are more productive, better quality and cost less to grow. This is what drives the AGT team. Their goal is to see Australian farmers more prosperous, and the global population well nourished.

A world-class breeding and research company, AGT are excited by new technology, innovation and scientific breakthroughs. Their talented and dedicated team uses new mechanical solutions, robotics, computer science, GPS, tissue culture, and the latest biological and genetic theory, on a daily basis. Seeing scientific concepts transformed into real solutions that deliver to Australian grain growers is the inspiration behind AGT’s success.

To learn more visit agtbreeding.com.au

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Sipcam has established strategic relationships with some of the world’s key raw material suppliers to provide an ever-expanding product range focusing on both plant health and production.

Since being established in Italy in 1946, Sipcam’s mission has been to create an original and qualified link between global chemical research and the needs of the market. More than 70 years later, including the last 20 in Australia, a focus on innovation remains fundamental to the company’s business philosophy. Sipcam has established strategic relationships with some of the world’s key raw material suppliers to provide an ever-expanding product range.

Many Sipcam products are patented or data protected including leading brands like Terbyne® Xtreme®, Ecopar®, Pyresta® Xtreme®, Condor® & Sledge®.

Sipcam is committed to investing in their people as they continue to develop new chemistry and nutrition brands to provide a high level of value to the crop protection market. Innovation – not imitation – is the Sipcam philosophy.

To learn more visit sipcam.com.au

Founded in 1979, Albaugh is a company that specializes in the production and sale of post-patent crop protection products serving farmers and distributors.

Albaugh is the global leader in the production and sale of post-patent crop protection products and is uniquely positioned to service farmers, distributors and partners in all our markets with a broad portfolio of high quality, competitively priced products. Aggressor® herbicide, an integral part of the CoAXium® Barley Production System, is just one of these high performing products.

Albaugh supplies a broad portfolio of crop protection products to cover the many needs of farmers and other users globally. The core product portfolio is based on five key active ingredients produced in our own plants as well as numerous other active ingredients sourced from the most reliable suppliers globally.

The continued addition of new products to the portfolio and expansion into more segments will secure future strong growth benefitting the farmers, distributors and partners Albaugh serves around the world.

Albaugh is operated according to a global matrix organization. Each Market has full responsibility for execution of all local activities and for results. The group leadership functions are responsible for setting policies and priorities and for coordinating across the Markets.

“Albaugh – Your Alternative” is the short way to describe what the company is all about. Albaugh creates and supplies crop protection products used by farmers across the globe thereby making their farming operations more economical. Ultimately, Albaugh helps produce and secure an affordable supply of food to help feed and support the population of the world.

Albaugh today is a global business, operating with a direct presence in key agricultural regions of the world including: North America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Europe. From these locations Albaugh also serves other markets such as Central America, South America and Africa. In each key region, Albaugh operates manufacturing facilities which assure the quality and competitiveness of the products they supply.

To learn more visit albaughllc.com/north-america