CoAXium® Grower Stewardship Measures

Today, protecting our agricultural production systems should be a priority for everyone. The developers of the CoAXium® Barley Production System are actively focused on protecting the integrity of this new and innovative technology.

To ensure success of CoAXium® Barley, growers should follow the recommended Stewardship practices designed to maximise efficacy of CoAXium® Barley and prevent the development of herbicide resistance in grass weeds. For maximum benefit & longevity of CoAxium® barley, growers should apply Aggressor® AX brand herbicides for the control of annual grasses as per the Stewardship Guideline.

CoAXium® Barley Stewardship Guideline.

  • Growers must have completed the CoAXium® barley Stewardship Registration before obtaining seed.
  • Growers must have accepted the AGT Variety License Agreement when obtaining seed of CoAXium® Barley.
  • Use only labelled rates of Aggressor® herbicide for label listed by weed species.
  • Don’t allow grass weed escapes to go to seed.
  • Rotate herbicide modes of action between crop cycles especially between Glyphosate, Group 1 & Group 2 herbicides.
  • Do not use CoAXium® Barley Production System in successive years.
  • Use more than one herbicide mode of action on the target weed when using Aggressor® AX tolerant varieties. For example, apply glyphosate or paraquat on target weeds emerged before planting or apply a pre-emergent herbicide effective on the target weed such as pyroxasulfone and/or triallate, trifluralin.

Stewardship Guideline

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