• Driven by Aggressor® AX Herbicide.

Consistent Control of Damaging Grass Weeds in Barley

Aggressor® AX herbicide offers solutions to the toughest grass weeds in barley. Aggressor® AX herbicide is a Group 1 herbicide that provides consistent control of problem grass weeds like ryegrass, brome grass, barley grass and wild oats. Previously, such levels of control could only be achieved in crops like pulses and canola. Aggressor® AX herbicide has been specifically formulated to provide a high degree of crop safety to CoAXium® barley varieties whilst not compromising on the robust control expected of similar Group 1 herbicides.

Used in conjunction with CoAXium® varieties, Aggressor® AX is a valuable new tool for consistent control of tough winter annual grass weeds including Group 2 resistant biotypes. Aggressor® AX herbicide provides growers with greater crop and chemical flexibility and another rotational option in programs to control problem grass weeds.

Control The Toughest Grass Weeds in Barley.

Aggressor® controlling volunteer wheat plants in a CoAXium® barley crop

Aggressor® AX brings systemic and selective broad-spectrum control at a lower cost to maximise value to the farmer. Consistent control of problem grasses like:

  • Annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum)
  • Brome grass (Bromus spp)
  • Barley grass (Hordeum spp)
  • Volunteer wheat and barley (non-Aggressor® AX – tolerant only)
  • Wild oats (Avena spp)

Features and benefits of Aggressor® AX Herbicide in Barley

  1. Provides growers with more crop rotation freedom due to lack of soil persistence and limited plant back restrictions on key crops
  2. Offers broad-spectrum control of tough annual grass weeds and ALS (Group 2) resistant bio-types
  3. Can be combined with many broadleaf weed partners for complete grass and broadleaf control in a single application
  4. Excellent crop safety as Aggressor® AX will be applied to only tolerant CoAXium® Barley varieties
  5. Is a Group 1 (ACCase) mode-of-action providing the grower with a new tool for control of tough annual grass weeds
  6. Can be combined with foliar fertiliser programs.

Aggressor® AX Brand Herbicides with ACCase-Inhibiting Action:

  • Offer Group 1 herbicide mode-of-action which can be safely applied to varieties that are developed with the CoAXium® Barley Trait
  • Used in conjunction with CoAXium® varieties, Aggressor® AX will be a valuable new tool for consistent control of tough annual grass weeds like ryegrass, brome grass, barley grass and wild oats — including ALS-resistant biotypes
  • Application rates of 100 — 200 ml/ha depending on weed species and size at time of application
  • Can be tank-mixed with range of broadleaf herbicides for one pass weed control as well as fungicides and foliar nutrition
  • Do not make applications of Aggressor® AX herbicide if temperatures are expected to fall below and stay below 0°C


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*The registration of Aggressor® Herbicide is currently pending with the APVMA