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    CoAXium® Barley Varieties

Only Superior Varieties Are Included in the CoAXium® Barley Production System.

AGT barley varieties that are part of the CoAXium® Barley Production System are bred in Australia, for Australian conditions. These varieties have been chosen for their high and stable yield, wide adaptation, grain quality and disease resistance, whilst carrying tolerance to Aggressor® herbicide to give growers another weapon in the fight against grass weeds.

CoAXium® Barley Varieties

  • To obtain CoAXium® barley seed first complete the Stewardship Registration.
  • Seed of CoAXium® Barley varieties can only be purchased from authorised CoAXium® Barley seed distributors, or via the AGT Seed Sharing initiative (for more information visit www.agtbreeding.com.au)
  • A CoAXium® Barley variety can be identified by the AX suffix, which is included in the variety name.
  • Growers may save seed of CoAXium® barley varieties each year for future planting.

The Strength of CoAXium® Barley Stems From Strong Varieties.

The first CoAXium® Barley variety is Titan AX. This variety is expected to perform best in low to medium rainfall environments where Compass has traditionally been used with success. Titan AX has a similar plant type and maturity to Compass, and along with offering tolerance to Aggressor® herbicide, also offers higher yields.

A Titan AX safety fact sheet can be found here.

Titan AX Fact sheets:


Northern NSW

Southern NSW


South Australia

Western Australia

Titan AX fact sheet

CoAXium™ Barley trait purity testing service

If you require confirmation that your seed source is pure for the CoAXium™ trait (Aggressor™ AX herbicide tolerance) you can obtain a DNA-based PCR test on your seed sample.
To arrange your test please contact Intertek (the service provider).

Name: Anna Jones
Email: [email protected]
Phone (direct): +61 8 8301 1905
Phone (office): +61 8 8301 1900
Mobile: +61 468 579 22

Please note there is a cost for this service, and you will be required to supply a clean 100g sample of your seed. Expected turnaround time is 1 month.
As a reminder, using Aggressor™ AX herbicide on your CoAXium™ barley every year is best practice to maintain purity of the CoAXium™ trait.